Woodle Lantern

The Woodle Lantern is our outdoor lighting model. Made of Douglas wood, this beautiful lighting is perfect for your site to ensure safety.

The Woodle Lantern can be to illuminate areas attractively and safely while preserving the darkness. E.g. parking spaces, business area’s, entrances, event areas, in hilly areas.


  • LED: 4w, 4000K, 800 Lumen
  • Reinforced Glass Solarpanels
  • Stainless Steel 316 enclosure
  • 3 years guarantee on the solar module and 7 years on Douglas wood
  • Lighting time: At least 13 hours in winter / rest all night.
  • Customer-specific options: Switch off by time, other LED colors
  • Dimensions: (lxwxd) 450 x 15 x 80 cm.
  • Setting depth: 125 cm
  • Anti-rot protection included
  • Delivery time: 8 weeks